Dataroom iis a remarkable luxury Swiss ski retreat located previously mentioned mighty Swilly Alps just beneath the French Alps. Dataroom is the newest addition to the ever expanding product line of Dataroom homes that is exquisite for travelers who wish the comfort of your typical top end traditional inn but without the long commute times necessary. Dataroom’s position is unique, giving breathtaking opinions of the adjoining Geneva and Rhone Alps. Located in the heart within the ski écroulement, there exists never a dull instant in this amazing location. If you are searching for the best place to platform yourself designed for the weekend then you need to try out the luxurious Dataroom residence.

The Dataroom residence has a terrific combination of gorgeous views, superb architecture and an outstanding location. Dataroom has an en-suite bathroom for 2, spacious living areas, two storey apartment with a personal terrace and fantastic views of the surrounding area. The villas start to a exclusive outdoor courtyard and have an adventurous terrace as well. The individual pool is great for families or couples who wish to spend some time upon it’s own, away from the interruptions of the busy city. The villas have been completely fully fitted with state of the art the kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and a fully stored bar; the setting is good for enjoying a romantic an evening meal together or spending some down time by pool.

Every one of the facilities that you would get at the Dataroom residence are included in the price of your stay. You will be provided full Wi-Fi Access to the internet throughout your stay and a great in-room secure. The deluxe king size truck bed is accompanied with a comfortable en-suite bathroom complete with a steam sauna, separate shampooing cubicle and hairdryers, a hair blow drying station and a bath panel with rain showers. The luxurious en-suite bathroom has its own whirlpool bath and can accommodate three guests perfectly. The personal terrace provides commanding suggestions of the associated with area and it is surrounded by luxurious two storey villa with private terrace.