Notice Seeking Possession Form



    Serve Notice on Tenant seeking possession of property (ie Section 21 and 8 Notices)

    YAB staff should complete this form to serve notice on the tenant(s) requesting possession of the property. The notices are emailed to the tenant and the landlord is automatically informed. Copies of both emails are sent to Please Insert gemini calendar reminder to check at end of the notice period that the tenant(s) have vacated (ie Section 21 after 4 months and Section 8 after 1 month). if after this period the tenant does not vacate then request the landlord to authorise court proceedings (landlord will need to pay court costs).

    Notice Validation:

    Duration Less Than 4 MonthsDuration More Than 4 Months

    You cannot serve notice as tenant must have resided in the property for more than 4 months.



    Property needs valid gas certificate to serve notice

    Electric CertificateHow to Rent Booklet

    Notice is not valid as electric or how to booklet have to need to be issued at start of tenancy


    You cannot serve notice unless the property has a valid EPC rating between A-E


    Notice cannot be served unless deposit was registered within 28 days of the tenancy starting



    Council Licence needed to serve notice.

    Tenant Details:

    Landlord Details: