We love an excellent journey. Perhaps it’s because we love driving and seeing the wonderful views go by.

We like checking out all of our residence condition of Victoria in Australia and also for lengthy drives and remarkable vistas, the best sea Road was an evident solution to understand more about. An excellent sea path self drive option is essential, take action since gradually since your time permits and grab a several day journey to give you the ability to end and find out the hidden gems and steer clear of the crowds of people every so often that fit you!

The fantastic water street course stretches 250 kms from Torquay to Warrnambool and is among the must-see spots in Australia. Nonetheless we constantly recommend tips on any road trip and there’s no variation here! Currently your helpful tips for planning your getaway knowledge along the Great water Road.

Health and safety first – Drive into circumstances of this path & Arrange some time

We constantly bang on about “ preparing and planning your trip ” referring to much more crucial whenever you want to push the truly amazing Ocean Road. Driving along Victoria’s coast, the saturated in turning and turning areas of street. The crucial that you approach some time well as you may just be operating between 30-50km each hour. There clearly was restricted overtaking bays which prevent you from getting into top if you by stuck behind a slower car.

Whenever you attain Otway National playground you’ll see the majestic rainforest. Today during cold weather this rainforest could become very moist, foggy and windy. Limited presence is really large and PLEASE be sure you drive along with your Headlights ON thus others see you! constantly go slow. Animals can pop-up in locations your least count on therefore end up being aware.

Pack for 4 periods in 1 Day

Now when you drop the coast, its necessary to pack clothing suited for four months. All of our explore was at Winter and boy was just about it icy-cold! It doesn’t matter how numerous levels we had upon it was still freezing. Come summer-time, whilst it will probably remain warm, the costal winds can nevertheless be cold.

The 411 with the Great Ocean roadway Attractions

Do you actually investigate before going in the essential locations you want to stop at. That way your ready for where you would you like to check out in addition to prices expected. Various records centres tend to be developed inside towns along the Great water Road. Should you phone into any of them you could get current records of course, if you should book an tours or accomodation stays they could assist you with this.

We did a novice error and believed the Cape Otway Lighthouse ended up being a free interest, nonetheless it gotn’t. Entryway fee is necessary before you can even record a glimpse within this incredible historic & crucial lighthouse. Wish take a look at this awesome room? See our very own You Tube videos here your browse.

If the looking to defeat the run associated with the travellers busses and various other tourists generally, our top idea is to get right up very early and beat them to it! One of the keys acne around slot Campbell are typical free of charge that will be fantastic, but should you don’t are available early, be prepared for an increase of men and women! Hoping to get photos can be very annoying whilst either need to wait lined up or combat the right path into the front side regarding the queue in order to get their breeze.

Great Water Street Accomodation- Guide Far Ahead Of Time

We seen the truly amazing sea roadway during an extended weekend and also by pure luck we were able to find some hotel in Apollo Bay and Anglesea a week in advance of leaving for our travel. HOWEVER the greatest idea is always to book your own accommodation far ahead of time. You will not only hopefully have it at a discounted cost, however you wont end up being dissatisfied by not receiving into your favorite motel/hotel or caravan playground. The best water path is actually a very popular location throughout every season and in addition we would hate observe your having to rest quietly associated with street.

Decide to try your luck to find some sweet accomodation on AirBnB, we’ve an incredible offer of $55 AUD credit whenever you signup making a reservation. Or if perhaps AirBnb escort service Port St. Lucie isn’t your thing, you can get you a $25 AUD cash return any time you book through the booking.com connect.


Whenever browsing Great water roadway, your won’t really incur any spending whenever heading for an important secret travelers destinations since they are mostly complimentary. BUT also have cash on hands because there are a few amazing locations to engage on glorious items. Also prominent Otway Fly Tree Top stroll or Helicopter & Boating trips. There will be something for everybody!

Don’t Forget the Camera

Make sure you have your digital camera stuffed because of this wonderful highway travels journey, there are some ripper places to pull up and capture photos whilst travel over the Great sea highway. There is lots of specified vehicle parking places where it is possible to pull-up to fully capture your remarkable photos and also make amazing memories!

Celebrate the Great Ocean roadway journey, it is a must-see destination to explore. Do you have any favourite acne on the Great Ocean highway? We would love to listen them! If for example the selecting several other things to do in case your browsing Melbourne part, have a look at our very own visit to the Carlton Brewhouse & Melbourne Superstar you only might like them too!