Why Should You As A Landlord Give Us Your Properties to Manage?

Why Choose YAB?

The legal requirement on landlords is changing on a daily basis and the onus is on the landlord to ensure they comply with the numerous mandatory legal requirements or face hefty fines and a criminal prosecution. Here at YAB, we take away all these worries and we take care of all the mandatory requirements for you.

Here are some examples of where we cover legal requirements and the associated paperwork for you.

For example, if you rent out your property to tenants you must be registered with ICO, have a privacy policy in place and renew the registration annually or face a large fine. You must provide the tenants with a government booklet and show proof that they signed to confirm that they have received this before they move in, or you are not able to ask them to leave or serve any eviction notices to gain possession of your property. Many local authorities are moving to implement Selective licensing schemes which means your property has up to 100 additional conditions which you must adhere to or failure to comply could result in criminal charges and even more fines!!!

There are too many requirements to list, but rest assured YAB will have it in hand for you. 

A recent landlord quote “I received a letter from the council that they going to prosecute and sent me summons to attend court because I forgot to return the annual declaration regarding the property which I did not know I had to do. I am grateful to YAB as they sorted it all out for me and I stopped my sleepless nights and endless worrying on what to do”

We provide the following for FREE as part of our standard management services;

  • Guaranteed Rent – We have a range of attractive government schemes in place to suit your needs, such as 3-5 year leases, guaranteed rent for voids and also full repairs included.
  • Tenants waiting to rent – We have a long list of tenants waiting to rent properties and our turnaround is normally within a couple of weeks.
  • Digital Compliant Tenancies – Creation of digital tenancy agreement with all the legal mandatory requirements and registrations are included (also for LET only option)
  • Right to Rent Checks – mandatory legal checks carried out as non-compliance is a criminal offence.
  • Tenant Suitability Checks –  This includes previous landlord and current employer reference checks along with proof of address and photo ID checks
  • AML – Mandatory AML checks undertaken for your protection
  • Deposit Registration – Registration of deposit with government approved scheme.
  • Property Inspections – Check-in and checkout inventory with digital photos. Minimum of 2 inspections per year + we carry out 2 additional free inspections upon your request.
  • YAB Emergency Access – 24/7 365 days a year YAB emergency line for out of hours cover along with web app for tenants to report repairs from anywhere at anytime.
  • Payment Flexibility – Tenants setup to pay via BACS and also option to make rental payments 24/7 365 days via our online portal
  • Rent Arrears – If the tenant does not pay we chase up debtor, serve initial demand letter, final demand rent, section 21/8 notices all free of charge. We also set a debt payment plans and can advise regarding any court proceedings.
  • Landlord Statements – You will receive an electronic landlord payment statement each month and an annual statement.
  • Mandatory Certificates – We manage and undertake the following certificates using registered contractors and remind you when these are due:
     a) Enhanced Safety Certificate (additional checks included which many contractors don’t currently include)
     b) Electrical Safety Certificate
     c) PAT Certificate
     d) EPC Certificate
     e) Local Authority HMO or Selective Licensing certification as required (we submit all annual decleration & certificates to the council to ensure no late fees are charged to you) 
  • YAB Accredited Staff – All YAB staff have completed the NRLA property manager accreditation and committed to continuous professional development hours every month.
  • Legal Mandatory Registrations – We are registered with Client Money Protection Scheme, National Residential Landlords Association, AMLS, Property Ombudsman Scheme, Information Commissioner’s Office and Data Protection as most of these are legal requirements for renting out properties.
  • YAB Office – Our Rotherham HQ Office is open 5 days a week with social distancing measures in place (to assist tenants and landlords)